Charity fundraising by Jenny Potter Photography

Ever since I was a teenager I have fundraised for charities from doing music concerts, to abseiling and zip lining the Millennium stadium in Cardiff for a local children's charity and also Cystic Fibrosis To eating Red Hot Chillies, our yearly sponsored walks for JDRF, running the London half marithon for Huntingtons disease to  donating my music photos for various charities to auction off including doing raffles you name it we do our best to  help various amazing good causes. This is me and what I believe in and something that is a part of who I am.


The charities that are very close to our heart that we have been helping over the last 6 years since my son was diagnosed with the life threatening auto immune illness type 1 diabetes at the age of 2 are the following charities :-



JDRF - Juvenile diabetes research foundation we have 2 just giving sites and do photo shoots and rather than be paid ask clients or people who have booked me to donate here. JDRF do vital research to help find better treatments as well as hopefully a cure for type 1 diabetes. So far we have raised just over £1900. My son has completed 5 charity sponsored walks for this charity and we are so very very proud of him. Our justgving pages are  we have two so the other one is


The next charity we help is  based in America. I found out about this charity when I was up all night just after my son was diagnosed I put on the news which I normally do not do and there was this incredible lady called Barbara Markle who ran this super amazing charity that made super hero outfits for children who were terminally ill and children with other long term challenging illnesses. I remember writing Barbara details down and say I am going to help her I do not know how but I am and even though we have never met I have a very strong bond with Barbara. I have sponsored children to have a super hero outfit as well as for the last 6 years donated music and find art photos of various wall displays from metal prints to canvasses for Barbara to auction off for their annual fundraising events. It is an honour to help such an incredible person and charity.

We sponsor a lovely girl from India so that she may have her medical supplies and insulin bill paid as in India the cost of insulin is more than what people are earning. an amazing doctor called Dr Pensey who is absolutely incredible what he has done keeps us up to date with how Masserra is and we send regular gifts and messages from us to them. I did this the moment my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It gave us a purpose and focussed my mind on something good rather than view my son's diagnosis negatively I channelled my thoughts and feelings into helping others. You can pay monthly to help pay for medical supplies for many children in the same position as Massera. My ideal dream would be to meet her and her family and do something that will help her with her future life either save some money up to give her so that her family are ok for a few years anything. My heart really believes in this amazing charity.


Teenage Cancer Trust.  I met up with the teenage cancer trust a number of years ago with a few ideas to do some fundraising. These are I am now working on making happen.

I want to thank a band that have the most beautiful heart and soul you can have this band not ony read everything I had written but they also signed many photos I had had printed of them to auction of for 3 charities JDRF, Capes4heroes and Teenage cancer trust this amazing band are Red Hot Chili Peppers I can't thank you the band, Jason their tour manager, Matt, Luke, Tim, everyone we met back stage for their kindness and understanding of everything and what I want to do to help these charities.  We loved you before this and now even more. Thank you so much and please stay in touch so we can keep you updated xxx Jenny